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  Testimony from Dr. W T. K
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BODY Zen | Testimony

Dr W T. K
Boston MA 02109

February 5, 2007

To future clients of Body-Zen:

I strongly endorse and recommend massage at Body-Zen. I am qualified to write this reference as I am a teacher and practitioner of massage, a Reike master, and a client of Mary for many years.

My teaching experience includes Trigger Point Massage and Reflexology which I currently teach now at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

For seven years I was a teacher of many different massage therapy techniques at the MIT Health Education and Medical Department and the MIT Physical Education Department. These included Acupressure massage, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage and other massage techniques.

I have been receiving regular massages from Mary at Body-Zen for almost ten years. She and her associates provide the best experience that I can find in terms of Chinese massage and are effective in the healing use of the Acupuncture medians. She is unique in her training and her healing skills. Her work which includes decades as a practitioner in China and also training in Western massage techniques.

I hope you will find the experience of massage at Body-Zen as satisfying for you as I have.


W T. K Ph.D.  


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